Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hide Title Column in SharePoint List

Often, SharePoint users wants to remove(or hide at-least) 'Title' column from the lists and document libraries. We can hide title column in SharePoint 2007 by enabling content types.

How to hide title column in SharePoint list?
Follow these steps to hide the title column in SharePoint List or Library:  

  1.  Navigate to the List setting >> Advance setting hide title column sharepoint list
  2. check Yes radio button for "Allow Management of Content Types"hide title column sharepoint 2007 / 2010
       3. Now in List Setting again >> Select Content Type "Item"

       4. Then Select Title >> Select Hidden
remove title column sharepoint list
 Finally, you can remove the Title field from views (But you can't delete the Title column!). Same steps applies to both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 list to hide title column. If you want, You can Rename the Title column even.
  •     Go to the List settings
  •     Click on the Title field
  •     Rename it, Save your changes by clicking "Ok" button

Disadvantages When You Hide Title column from SharePoint list:
By default Title column gets the context menu, if you hide it then, will loose the Context menu functionality. So, you may need to put the Edit button in all of your views just to edit the item or you can use SharePoint Designer to link with Edit/Views item.

Another disadvantage is we can't control the order of columns on the list settings page again until we turn off  "Allow management of content types".

Alternatively, You can hide title column (or any other column) programmatically: Hide Columns in NewForm, EditForm and DispForms

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  1. Hi Salaudeen,

    How do set custom error page for a single site collection in SP2010. I tried doing it but it applies for the entire farm.Please let me know if you can..
    Thanks in Advance !!

    1. Avinash,
      Custom Error pages are set at Web Application level in SharePoint 2010/2007. To my knowledge, there is no way to set at site collection level. Refer this post: Custom 404 Page Not Found Error Page in SharePoint 2010


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