Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick to Edit SharePoint List Forms to Add webpart (NewForm.Aspx, EditForm.aspx, AllItems.aspx, etc) in browser

By default, SharePoint doesn't allow us to edit the List forms in browser. See the Edit Page from Site action is greyed out! However, Its possible to edit SharePoint list form pages!
Edit SharePoint List forms in browser

Here is the trick to edit SharePoint List Forms (like DispForm.aspx, NewForm.aspx, EditForm.aspx) in browser. Just append: &toolpaneview=2 in the URL
Trick to Edit SharePoint List forms in browser

Now, you will get editable page, You can Add web parts!

Add Web Part to SharePoint List form Pages
This trick works on even SharePoint 2010 and in SharePoint 2013 also!

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  1. Would be nice it people who write these things would say which version of SharePoint it has been tested on.
    The screenshots are of 2007 interface.

    1. Although its used in SharePoint 2007, This trick works on SharePoint 2010 and in SharePoint 2013 too.


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