Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Access denied - when trying to Open Shared Service Provider "Audiences" Link in MOSS 2007

Recently I discovered an interesting behavior with Shared Service providers when I was setting up a new environment. I'm the farm administrator and has been added to the policy for the SSP, as well as the site collection owner, but when I click on User Profiles in SSP, I got "Access Denied"

Access denied when trying to Open Shared Service Provider links in MOSS 2007
I tried the following settings:
  1. Added my self to the Farm Administrator's group
  2. Site collection admin for SSP Web App
  3. Central Admin->Application Management-> Policy for Web Application (I chose Full Control)
hmm. No luck. 
Finally, figuerd out the Problem is my account has not been added with Personalization services permissions .

So the Solution is: Create a Web Application Policy with FULL control for SSP web application. Also, Click on Personalization Services Permissions in SSP, Add the account and give Manage User Profiles permissions.

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