Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Delete a Timer Job in SharePoint using PowerShell

But wait! why do we delete a Timer Job in SharePoint? Well, because:

  • Your custom timer job may be in stuck state
  • You may have orphaned Timer jobs (Timer job without "Server" from Timer job status page in Central Admin)
  • Your custom timer job may have created more than one instances (duplicate timer job)
In my case, a custom timer job deployed in our SharePoint 2013 environment had a bug and left two instances of the same timer job. so we wanted to delete that.

Delete a Custom Timer Job in SharePoint
There is no Central Admin UI to delete timer jobs in SharePoint. So, lets seek help from PowerShell to delete a timer job in SharePoint.

How to Delete a Timer Job in SharePoint using PowerShell
  • Step 1: Obtain the GUID of your target timer job to delete
    Get-SPTimerJob | where { $ -like "YOUR-Timer-Job-Name" } | Format-Table  -autosize -Property LastRunTime,id,name,DisplayName,Status
  • Step 2: Get the timer job and delete
    Once you obtained the GUID of your timer job to delete, Run this PowerShell cmdlets:
    $Timerjob = Get-SPTimerJob -id <Timer Job's GUID>
Do not delete any OOTB timer job unless you are very sure what you are doing! If you delete any SharePoint's critical timer jobs, You'll end up re-provisioning SharePoint on the server again.

Lesson Learnt: Developers - Make sure your Feature Deactivation Module contains code to delete your custom timer job in SharePoint.

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