Thursday, August 8, 2013

Configure Replicating Directory Changes in Windows Server 2008 / 2012

Replicating directory changes permission is a requirement to configure User Profile Service Application(UPS) in SharePoint 2010 and for SharePoint 2013. We've to grant replicate directory changes permission on a domain to our service account which crawls and syncs AD contracts to SharePoint.

Here is the step by step instructions to provide "Replicating directory changes" permission to your managed account.

  • Log in to your domain controller,  Open "Active Directory Users and Computers", right-click on your domain and select Delegate Control.
    sharepoint user profile service replicating directory changes
  • Click on "Next"
    sharepoint 2010 user profile synchronization replicating directory changes
  • Click on "Add" to add the managed account
    sharepoint 2010 user profile service replicating directory changes
  • Enter your Service Account and click on "OK"
    sharepoint replicating directory changes
  • Click on "Next"    sharepoint replicating directory changes
  • Select "Create a Custom Task to Delegate", Click Next
    sharepoint replicate directory changes permission
  • Click "This folder, existing objects in this folder, and creation of new objects in this folder" and Click "Next"
    sharepoint 2010 replicate directory changes permission
  • Select "General" and choose "Replicating Directory Changes" Permission. Click Next
  • Click Finish      sharepoint 2010 user profile sync replicate directory changes
That's all! We're done with that, we can start our UPSS and create our connection.In Windows Server 2008 R2 and in Windows Server 2012 also the same procedure applies!

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