Friday, December 6, 2013

Get All SharePoint Server Details (Server Name, IP, Role, Status, etc) in the Farm using PowerShell

Requirement: Quickly retrieve and document details all server in the SharePoint Server farm.

Solution: Get all servers in SharePoint farm
To get all Servers in SharePoint farm, We use: Get-SPServer cmdlet.


Lets include Server Name, Role and Status fields from SharePoint farm servers
#Get All Servers in SharePoint Farm (including SQL Server, SMTP Server, Etc)
Get-SPServer | select Name, Role, Status | Format-table -AutoSize
powershell to list sharepoint farm servers
The above cmdlet retrieves all servers in the SharePoint farm including SQL Server, SMTP Server, etc.  To get only SharePoint Servers we can use:
#Get all SharePoint Servers
$servers = Get-SPServer | where { $_.role -ne "Invalid"}
Lets add one more parameter: IP Address to it.

PowerShell to get all servers in SharePoint farm
#Get all SharePoint Servers
$servers = Get-SPServer | where { $_.role -ne "Invalid"}
#Get Server Details including IP
$servers | select Name, Role, @{Label="IP Address";Expression={[System.Net.Dns]::GetHostByName($_.Name).AddressList.IPAddressToString}} | Format-Table

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