Thursday, July 10, 2014

Download All Versions of a Document in SharePoint using PowerShell - Web Services

Wanted to extract and download each version of the document stored in a SharePoint library. Well, PowerShell can do it from client side using web services. Here is the PowerShell script to download each version to the local folder programmatically.

Download all versions of a document using PowerShell

# ******* Variables Section ******************
#Define these variables 
$FilePath =""
$TargetFolder = "C:\Downloads"
# *********************************************

#Web Service URL
$WebServiceURL =$WebURL+"_vti_bin/Versions.asmx"
$WebService = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri $WebServiceURL -UseDefaultCredential

#Get File name from file path
$FileName = $FilePath.Substring($FilePath.LastIndexOf("/")+1,($FilePath.Length-$FilePath.LastIndexOf("/")-1))

#Create the Target Library if it doesn't exists
    if (!(Test-Path -path $TargetFolder))
             #If it doesn't exists, Create
             $TargetFolder = New-Item $TargetFolder -type directory

#Call web service method "GetVersions" to retrieve versions collection
$FileVersions = $WebService.GetVersions($FilePath).Result
 foreach($File in $FileVersions)
  #Frame the File name : E.g. 1.0_Filename.ext
  $VersionFileName = "$($TargetFolder)\$($File.version)_$($FileName)"
  write-host $VersionFileName
  $webclient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
     $webclient.UseDefaultCredentials = $true
  write-host $File.url
  Write-Host "Downloaded version: $($File.Version)"
Here is how the output looks like:
PowerShell to Download All Versions of a Document in SharePoint

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