Friday, August 1, 2014

SharePoint Online: Add New List Item using Client Side Object Model (CSOM) PowerShell

When working with SharePoint Online, had a requirement to add new list items to a list from PowerShell script. Here is my example:

SharePoint online: PowerShell to add list item

#Load SharePoint CSOM Assemblies
Add-Type -Path "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\ISAPI\Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll"
Add-Type -Path "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\ISAPI\Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll"
#Variables for Processing
$WebUrl = ""
$ListName ="Tasks" 
$AdminName =""
$AdminPassword ="Password goes here" 

#Setup Credentials to connect
$Credentials = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.SharePointOnlineCredentials($AdminName,(ConvertTo-SecureString $AdminPassword -AsPlainText -Force))
#Set up the context
$Context = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext($webUrl) 
$Context.Credentials = $Credentials

#Get the Web and List
$Web = $Context.Web
$List = $web.get_lists().getByTitle($ListName)
#Add new List Item
$itemCreateInfo = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ListItemCreationInformation 
$listItem = $list.addItem($itemCreateInfo) 

#Set Fields - Internal Name
$listItem.set_item('Title', 'PMO Dashboard Enhancements')  #Task title

#Set Date Field
$listItem.set_item('StartDate', '01/07/2015')
$listItem.set_item('DueDate', '01/15/2015')

#Set People Picker Field value
$AssignedToUser = $web.EnsureUser("")
$listItem.set_item('AssignedTo', $AssignedToUser)



write-host "New Item has been Added!"  
sharepoint online powershell add item to list
BTW, You need SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK installed in your machine to use Client side assemblies. Download it from:

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