Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fix The website cannot display the page - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error in SharePoint

When I opened SharePoint 2013 Central Administration site, it returned an error message: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error: The website cannot display the page error message!
Fix HTTP 500 Internal Server Error in SharePoint

  • Update passwords on IIS Application Pool identities. Make sure they are not stopped or Offline. Update the identity password for "SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool " application pool and start it.
  • In most of the cases, Its due to web.config issues! Restore the web.config file from backups or Create a dummy web app, copy-paste the web.config file from it.
  • If your SharePoint Farm account password is changed/expired, Update it with: stsadm -o updatefarmcredentials -userlogin "domain\username" -password "password"
  • Make sure IIS Web sites are running. SharePoint Timer service is running.
  • If you are experiencing this issue with SharePoint 2010 Central Administration site, try re-provision it:  How to Re-Provision SharePoint Central Admin Site . Try Running the SharePoint Configuration wizard again - don't disconnect.
  • It could be due to SQL Server issues! Check the database server connectivity issues, SQL Server instance is running in Database server. Databases are accessible.
  • Try Re-register framework by running : C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\<<.NET VERSION >>  aspnet_regiis.exe –iru
  • Make sure your SharePoint setup account is added under Administrator group of the server(s). 
  •  If you get Event ID 8305 with error message "An exception occurred when trying to establish endpoint for context. An error occurred loading a configuration file. Either a required impersonation level was not provided, or the provided impersonation level is invalid.", Here is the fix: Go to Start >> Administrative tools >> Local Security Policy >> Local Policies >> User Right Assignments – Impersonate a client after authentication properties >> Add the Application Pool account >> Restart the Server
  • Do a simple IIS Reset! 

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