Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to Rename ID Column in SharePoint

Requirement: Rename ID field in a SharePoint list! We had a list with ID column added to the view to provide unique auto number feature. User wants to rename ID field to "Change Request Number" as it sounds more appropriate.
sharepoint rename id column
Solution: Hidden columns such as "ID", "Workflow Status" are not providing Edit features directly from SharePoint web UI and they don't even appear on SharePoint list settings page.

So, use this simple trick to rename any hidden column such as ID:

  • Go to List settings page 
  • Pick any column such as "Title". You'll get Edit Column page. 
  • In the URL, Change the Field parameter from "Title" to "ID" and Hit Enter. E.g.
    To rename id field
  • Now you can rename the field as you wish!
Here is my renamed ID column:

You can also rename a field programmatically with PowerShell or C# Object model code. Here is my another article: How to Rename SharePoint Column Programmatically

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