Thursday, July 2, 2015

Move Site Collection to Another Content Database using PowerShell

Requirement: Found a SharePoint Site collection growing in size over a period of time and wanted to move the SharePoint 2013 site collection to another content database.

Solution: Use the PowerShell Cmdlet Move-SPSite to move site collection from one content database to another. Here is how: First, Identify the target content database to move your site collection. You can create new content database with New-SPContentDatabase cmdlet. Next, Run Move-SPSite cmdlet with site collection URL and database name parameters.


Move-SPSite <Site-Collection-URL> –DestinationDatabase "<Database-Name>"
Move-SPSite "" –DestinationDatabase "SP13_Intranet_Content08"
Here is our script in action:
move site collection to another content database sharepoint using powershell
Tips: To find the current database of the site collection, use: Get-SPSite "Site-collection-url" | Select ContentDatabase

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