Saturday, April 16, 2016

How to Upload List Template in SharePoint 2013

Requirement: Upload a list template in SharePoint 2013! SharePoint 2013 offers many list templates such as Task List, contacts, calendar, etc to create clones. At times, You may have to import a custom list template obtained from other sites into your SharePoint.

How to upload a list template in SharePoint 2013:
SharePoint list templates are XML-based definition of list settings, such as List fields, List views and optionally list items. List templates are stored as.stp files. To upload a list template in SharePoint, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Site collection. Click on "Site Settings" gear icon >> Choose "Site Settings".
  • Click on List Templates link under Web Designer Galleries
    upload a list template sharepoint 2013
  • From List Templates library, Click on "Upload Document" button from Files Tab
    how to upload list template in sharepoint online
  • Browse and Select your List template STP File and Click "OK" to upload the list template to SharePoint
    import list template stp sharepoint 2013
  • Provide a Name and Title to the template, Optionally the description.Click "Save" to finish uploading the list template to SharePoint.
    upload list template to sharepoint 2013
  • That's all. Now, If you go to "Add an App" page, you'll find your list template listed!
    how to upload list template in sharepoint 2013
PowerShell to Upload list template in SharePoint 2013:
To upload SharePoint list template using PowerShell, refer this post: How to upload list template in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell

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