Friday, July 15, 2016

How to Change Server MinRole After Installing SharePoint 2016

One of the exciting new feature in SharePoint 2016 is Minrole. It defines server's role in the SharePoint 2016 farm, and makes sure all necessary services are running in that server! SharePoint 2016 comes with below Minroles:

  1. Single Server Farm
  2. Front End
  3. Application
  4. Distributed Cache
  5. Search
  6. Custom
Change MinRole in  SharePoint 2016:
Server roles are selected during the installation of SharePoint 2016 or when you join a server to your farm. Based on the Server role selected, certain services will get activated on selected servers. What if you want to change the server role after SharePoint has been provisioned?  With the introduction of MinRoles in SharePoint 2016, its fairly straightforward to switch server roles between anyone among them:
  • Go to SharePoint 2016 Central Administration >> System Settings 
  • Click on Convert server role in this farm under Servers
How to Change Server Role in SharePoint 2016
Now, It takes you to the "Role conversion" page, where you will see the options for all Minroles. Pick the new role from the dropdown and click Apply,  Your server will be changed to New role!
swith server MinRole after provisioning SharePoint 2016
You can't combine two or more MinRoles in one server. However, You can use the Custom role  to achieve the same! To check roles assigned to servers in the farm, Go to: SharePoint 2016 Central Administration >> System Settings > Manage servers in this farm. This page lists all servers and their roles in the farm.

How to Switch Server MinRole using PowerShell?
To change the server role using PowerShell, use Set-SPServer cmdlet.
Set-SPServer -Identity SERVER1 -Role Application
#Set-SPServer -Identity SERVER2 -Role WebFrontEnd

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