Sunday, August 28, 2016

Check if SharePoint web application uses Claims Based Authentication or Classic mode?

Check SharePoint Web Application Authentication Mode
How to check if the SharePoint web application is using Claims or Classic mode authentication? Well, To determine if the particular web application is using Claims or Classic Authentication, from SharePoint 2013 Central Administration follow these steps:

  • Go to SharePoint Central Administration site 
  • Click on Application Management >> Select Manage Web Applications.
  • Select the appropriate Web Application for which you would like to find the authentication type.
  • Click "Authentication Providers" button from the ribbon. you will see the following:
  • For Claims based authentication, it will show "Claims Based Authentication". When its on Classic Mode, You'll see "Windows".
    check sharepoint web application authentication mode
PowerShell to Check SharePoint web application uses Claims Based Authentication
You can use SPWebApplication.UseClaimsAuthentication property to determine whether claims based authentication is enabled or not. Here is how to figure out whether a web application is using claims authentication or classic authentication mode using PowerShell.
  • Open SharePoint 2013 Management Shell,and enter these PowerShell Cmdlets.
    (Get-SPWebApplication $WebAppURL).UseClaimsAuthentication

This script gives you either true or false depending on your web application's authentication settings.
sharepoint check if claims based

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