IFilters in SharePoint - What is that? why should I care about? How do I configure them?

February 17, 2010    , , , , , , ,
What is IFilters in SharePoint? Well, as per Microsoft: " The IFilter interface scans documents for text and properties (also called attributes). It extracts chunks of text from these documents, filtering out embedded formatting and retaining information about the position of the text."…

Creating Fusion Charts in SharePoint with SharePoint Designer - Simple way

February 16, 2010    , , , ,
Fusion Charts is a great free product, it helps us to create animated & interactive charts for web & enterprise applications. We can use fusion charts to display our SharePoint list data! So, Here I'm going to show, how to use fusion charts in SharePoint with simple example. Here …

Image tabs for the web sites

February 08, 2010    , ,
I wanted to have image tabs like the below picture, for my web site.  We can get this by little Javascript and HTML it self.  Here is how i've done this. <html> <head> <title></title> <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"&g…

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