How to create a Custom Theme in MOSS 2007?

March 29, 2010    , ,
What is SharePoint theme? A theme in Office SharePoint Server is a set of fonts, colors, graphics, and other decorative elements that provide a consistent appearance to your site. A site comes with a set of themes that enable you to quickly change the appearance, based on your organization's…

SharePoint Search Crawl Rules - What is that, what it does for us?

March 16, 2010    , , , , , , ,
Search Crawl rules are mechanism to influencing the behavior of the crawler when it crawls specific sites. A single crawl rule is created by specifying a URL wildcard matching sites plus a set of options for setting the behavior of the crawler for these sites. When performing a search in Share…

HTTP 401 Unauthorized Error - Unable to Browse FQDN Site from SharePoint Servers?

March 03, 2010    , , ,
Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 have a security feature that prevents the WFE itself from browsing to FQDN server names (i.e., it hosts. This is only an issue from the web server and does not affect external clients. Microsoft addressed two methods to solve the issue: ht…

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