Want to know your SharePoint version?

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There are several ways to get your SharePoint version. Here are some: You can get the SharePoint version in central administration. Go to CA > Operations >  Servers in Farm (under Topology and Services)       2. You can identify SharePoint version from Installed Programs. Go to Control Panel > Add and Remove Programs. Select SharePoint server and then click: Click here for support. Now a window will pop up that displays your current SharePoint version. 3.Open your SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer (can be the main site or any sub-site), click Site Settings under the Site menu on the top toolbar. you’ll find the version of SharePoint running the site on the general tab under SharePoint version   4. Open any of your SharePoint site, go to Site Actions >Site Settings. The version is just below Site Information. You can use the below code, If you wan to get the version programmatically: using (SPSite startSite = new SPSite("<Central Admin url&g
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Ports used by SharePoint

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SharePoint obviously has to communicate with other servers such as Active Directory, DNS etc which require other ports, they are as follows:     AD Authentication: TCP:445 Kerberos :TCP:88     LDAP:  LDAP:389 and LDAPS:636     DNS: TCP:53     SMTP: TCP:25     SQL Server: TCP:1443 (or Custom Ports)     Server Message Block (SMB) TCP:445 or TCP:137,138,139 (over NetBIOS). is used extensively for search and query operations with SharePoint     HTTP/HTTPS:  TCP:80 or TCP:443 (SSL)     Office Server Web services /Shared Service Provider web service calls: 56737 and 56738 (SSL).     Open TCP port 135 plus ports in the range that you specify when you configure static RPC (only if using SSO). Service Applications use: 32843,32844 & 32845 (TCP EndPoint) User code Service: 32846 User Profile Sync: 5275 More Info: http://msmvps.com/blogs/laflour/archive/2009/11/04/sharepoint-2007-farm-ports-configuring-firewall.aspx http://blogs.msdn.com/b/uksharepoint/archive/2009/01/0
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