Ports used by SharePoint

SharePoint obviously has to communicate with other servers such as Active Directory, DNS etc which require other ports, they are as follows:

  1.     AD Authentication: TCP:445 Kerberos :TCP:88
  2.     LDAP:  LDAP:389 and LDAPS:636
  3.     DNS: TCP:53
  4.     SMTP: TCP:25
  5.     SQL Server: TCP:1443 (or Custom Ports)
  6.     Server Message Block (SMB) TCP:445 or TCP:137,138,139 (over NetBIOS).
    • is used extensively for search and query operations with SharePoint
  7.     HTTP/HTTPS:  TCP:80 or TCP:443 (SSL)
  8.     Office Server Web services /Shared Service Provider web service calls: 56737 and 56738 (SSL).
  9.     Open TCP port 135 plus ports in the range that you specify when you configure static RPC (only if using SSO).
  10. Service Applications use: 32843,32844 & 32845 (TCP EndPoint)
  11. User code Service: 32846
  12. User Profile Sync: 5275

Ports used by Sharepoint
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