Get the SharePoint Farm's Detailed Report - Birds eye view

Another day, when I had to do a troubleshooting on a client environment, I was searching for a tool which can provide me the bird's eye view on SharePoint environment. Found one: SpsFarmReport. SPSFarmReport can be used to gather farm related information on environments where Wss/MOSS/SharePoint 2010 is installed.
SharePoint Farm Report
Some very basic information about the Farm topology is gathered. We have some common questions asked when working through a support incident. These questions include:
  • How many servers exist in the farm?
  • What services are run by each server in your farm? Which server is the Query/Indexer?
  • Which server(s) host(s) the Central Administration web site in the farm?
  • How many SSPs exist in the farm?
  • Which is the default SSP in the farm?
  • What is the URL of the administration site of an SSP?
  • What is the URL of the My Site provider of an SSP?
  • What Web applications are associated with each SSP?
  • Which application pool is associated with each web application in the farm?
  • Which account is used to run a specific application pool?
  • How many content databases are associated with each web application and how many site collections does each have?
  • What AAMs are configured for each web application?

I find it very useful when you’re troubleshooting a medium/large server farm environment not knowing which services are run where.
download from the URL:
another nice tool in this category:


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    1. You'll find it as .htm file in the same folder from you Run this executable!


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