SharePoint Designer in Contributor Mode

Problem: SharePoint Designer Automatically switches to Contributor Mode!

Another day, when I was trying to open a SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer, it automatically opened in the contributor mode!


So I tried: Prompt for user name and password security settings in IE, then re-opened the SPD. Yes, It prompted me the user name and pass and opened in the SAME contributor mode, although I have FARM Admin & Site collection admin access rights.

Finally I found the solution:

To get around that, go to, SharePoint Designer’s Menu: Site >> Contributor Settings and then click on the Disable Contributor Settings button.

SharePoint Designer in Contributor Mode

It worked like a charm! 🙂 In case, This doesn’t work for you then, Try adding your account in site owners group.

Salaudeen Rajack

Information Technology Professional with Two decades of SharePoint Experience.

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  • March 26, 2013 at 3:22 PM

    Wonderful. Thanks! u saved me hour(s) of work.


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