Hide Site templates and List Templates in SharePoint

In my SharePoint Farm, I wanted to disable certain site templates in site creation page.

hide site template sharepoint

Here is the technique for hiding a Site template in SharePoint 2007:
There are XML manifest files found on the file system of the web front end.

  •     Look for the file webtemp.xml,webtempsps.xml,etc  in “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\1033\XML\
how to hide a site template in sharepoint
  •     Make a backup of this files you are modifying
  •     Open the file in notepad and look for the site template you want to hide
  •     Change Hidden=”FALSE” into Hidden=”TRUE” (case sensitive) and save the file
hide site template sharepoint 2010
  •     Do an IISRESET

This will hide the specific site template from the list of templates available when you create a site.

Hide SharePoint List or Library Templates

Same way, you can hide the list template in SharePoint 2007 too, here is how:

  • First find the template/feature you want to modify in “web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES”
  • If you want to be able to show or hide the list through the Site Features, do the following:
  • Make a backup copy of feature.xml
  • Open the xml file in notepad and change Hidden=”TRUE” into Hidden=”FALSE” (case sensitive) and save the file
  • Do an IISRESET

If you want to hide the list all together, do the following:

  •  Open the sub-folder named “ListTemplates”
  •  Make a backup copy of the .xml file (good practice)
  • Open the xml file in notepad and add this line somewhere around the Type or BaseType line: Hidden=”TRUE” (case sensitive)
  • Do an IISRESET

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  • BAD… DO NOT MODIFY SharePoint original files…

    • Agree! Changing the SharePoint files is not supported.

      You can use the Object model code:


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