How to display Google map in SharePoint?

In SharePoint, we can display Google Maps without any third party web parts. Here I'm explain how you can insert "Google Maps" maps in your SharePoint site with standard out of the box SharePoint features. You can display Google maps in SharePoint by embedding Google map code in SharePoint Content Editor Web Part.

Go to Google Maps ( , Enter & Grab the code for target location.(As indicated in the below picture)
display google map sharepoint

Now Open the SharePoint site and follow the below steps:
1. Create a web part page, and then add content editor web part into it.
2. Edit the CEWP, paste the code from Google maps to CEWP by clicking source code(NOT Rich text editor!!!)
3. Save and exit the page.
and here is what you will get:

google map for sharepoint

Use the same trick to embed Google map in SharePoint 2010 . Here is the feature based one:

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