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What is FavIcon? Favicon appears next to the URL in the address bar and in bookmarks menu next to the site name will show with the icon. In SharePoint Favicons are good way to add some additional branding to SharePoint sites.

sharepoint 2010 branding favicon

How to create a FavIcon?

Simple. Take your company logo or image, convert it to .ICO format, upload to Images folder in 12 or14 hive, edit the master page.

You can try the free sites to create your favIcon as well:


Here are the detailed steps to add FavIcon in SharePoint:
Copy the favicon.ico file in your SharePoint WFEs “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\IMAGES\” or you can upload it to a SharePoint library even. For SharePoint 2013, FavIcon located at: C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\IMAGES

Add FAV Icon in SharePoint 2010

Edit the master page (typically default.master or V4.master):

For SharePoint 2010: Find and update this code:  
<SharePoint:SPShortcutIcon ID=”SPShortcutIcon1″ runat=”server” IconUrl=”/_layouts/images/myfavicon.ico”/>

You can edit the master page using SharePoint Designer to change favicon or you can directly edit it from File system: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\GLOBAL\V4.master

In case you are uploading your icon to a sharePoint library, then change the path to: <SharePoint:SPShortcutIcon ID=”SPShortcutIcon1″ runat=”server” IconUrl=”<% $SPUrl:~SiteCollection/Style%20Library/Images/myfavicon.ico %>”

In some browsers you may need to place the <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/_layouts/images/myfavicon.ico” />  attribute right before </head> tag.

Change favicon For SharePoint 2007:
To Change Favicon in SharePoint 2007, Right before the closing head tag, add the following line :

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/_layouts/images/myfavicon.ico” />

Do IIS reset, clear browser cache/temporary internet files. Close the browser and reopen, then browse the SharePoint site.
That’s all!

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