Change SharePoint 2010 User Interface to MOSS 2007 Look and Feel

Yes, Its possible to provide MOSS 2007 User interface to the SharePoint 2010. There are two ways:
  1. If you have upgraded from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 using In-Place upgrade, then you will be able to do it by GUI. Here is where: Site Actions >> Site Settings >> site collection administration >> Visual Upgrade
  2. You can do the same with PowerShell. Of course if you have new installation or DB attach method used, you can do this ONLY with PowerShell.
  3.    $web = Get-SPWeb <sharepoint-url>
       $web.UIVersion = 3  //set it to 4 if you want SharePoint 2010 look and feel
So here is the result, With UIVersion 3:

With UIVersion 4:


  1. Hi,

    Excellent it was fun when i did this. Keep posting such articles we are having good time here.

  2. you are incorrect. I did a fresh install db attach method for our migration and the option to change the ui is in the gui. If I want to go back to the 2007 ui then I have to use powershell.


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