Resize the Oracle Virtual Box VDI image

I was trying to setup a virtual environment for SharePoint 2010 in my 64 bit lap top running windows XP. So I downloaded the Oracle virtual Box,  created 20 GB image, installed windows server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and other things needed by SharePoint 2010. Finally i installed SharePoint 2010 on the virtual box.

Ah.. Here is the Big mistake I have committed. you know what? I allotted only 20 GB for the virtual box HDD image(VDI). I could not extend my hard disk. Now i'm running out of space..

So, Now I need additional space in my Virtual HDD badly. I tried many tools, like Norton ghost to back up and restore to a newly created image with 40 GB. but nothing worked for me.
Resize the Oracle Virtual Box VDI image

Finally, I solved the issue.
1. Create a new image, say for eg. SharePoint2010.vdi with 40 GB space.
2. Now go to: C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox, and execute the below command.
VBoxManage clonehd --existing "D:\VirtualBox\Windows 2008.vdi" "D:\VirtualBox\SharePoint2010.vdi"
3. This will clone the existing image Windows 2008.vdi with 20 GB space to SharePoint2010.vdi which has 40 GB Space.
4. Attach the newly created VDI file to virutal box.
5. Thats all. you are done.

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