How to Create Slipstream Installation of SharePoint 2010 cumulative updates, Service Packs?

By the way, what is Slipstream Installation?
Well, If you want to combine your service packs with SharePoint installers so that you don’t need to apply the service pack after the installation (Service packs will be combined with installers, and you will get the latest build on one-time installation!) you can use SlipStreaming!

OK, How to create Slipstream of SharePoint installer? simple. Download and extract the service packs, place them under “Updates” folder of SharePoint installer media!

Here is the detailed instruction on creating SharePoint slipstream installation:

If you are running with SharePoint foundation, you can just download service packs/patches/cumulative updates. If you have SharePoint Server, You must download the service packs for both SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server from the URLs:

Update: As a result of new packaging, This has been changed as of August 31, 2011! Its no longer necessary to install SharePoint foundation updates first and then Install SharePoint Server update!!

Step 1: Download SharePoint 2010 Service packs:

Step 2: Copy the whole SharePoint 2010 installation DVD to local disk, lets say: D:\SP2010\, and Extract the service packs to the update folder (in my case it is D:\SP2010\Updates)

sharepointfoundation2010sp1-kb2460058-x64-fullfile-en-us.exe /extract:D:\SP2010\Updates

sharepoint 2010 slipstream

Wait for the extraction to complete

sharepoint 2010 slipstream service pack 1

Step 3: Copy the extracted files into the Updates Folder

sharepoint slipstream updates

Step 4: Now, Run Installer (Setup.exe) from D:\SP2010. All updates from “Updates” folder will be automatically installed!

Same procedure applies to slipstream SharePoint language packs, CUs and other service packs like SP1, SP2,etc. Here is my another post on creating slipstream version of MOSS 2007: Slipstream SharePoint 2007 to Install in Windows 2008 R2

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