Build SharePoint 2010 Farm without Database GUIDs

When setting up SharePoint, often its a annoyance from DBAs perspective, SharePoint adds GUIDs with Database names.
Build SharePoint 2010 without Database GUIDs

Is there a way to build with out GUIDs? Yes, PowerShell is your Friend. Here is how:

For Configuration Database:
Once the installation is over, un-check the “Run Product & technologies configuration wizard” check box. Fire the powershell for SharePoint, and enter the below commands:

New-SPConfigurationDatabase -DatabaseName SP2010_Farm_Config -DatabaseServer <Database Server Name> -AdministrationContentDatabaseName SP2010_Farm_AdminContent

You can use the above PowerShell commands to build a Standalone SharePoint 2010 environment with Local user account!

When prompted for user name password: Enter Domain\username. once completed, run the Products and technologies configuration wizard!

Configure the Search Service application

#Set the initial variables.
$Search_Service_name = "Search Service Application"
$Search_Service_account = "G1vsptst01\Administrator"
$Search_Service_Instance = get-spenterprisesearchserviceinstance -local

# Start Services search services for Search Service Application
Start-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstance -Identity $Search_Service_Instance

# Create an Application Pool.
$AppPool = new-SPServiceApplicationPool -name "Search Service App Pool" -account $Search_Service_account

# Create the SearchApplicationlication and set it to a variable
$SearchApplication = New-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication -Name $Search_Service_name -applicationpool $AppPool -databasename "SP2010_Farm_SearchService"

# Create search service application proxy
$Search_Service_Proxy = new-spenterprisesearchserviceapplicationproxy -name "SearchApplicationProxy" -Uri $SearchApplication.Uri.AbsoluteURI

# Provision Search Admin Component.
set-SPenterprisesearchadministrationcomponent -SearchApplication $SearchApplication  -searchserviceinstance $Search_Service_Instance

Now, From this point on you can configure the index and Crawl components from central admin.

For Web Analytics
#Web Analytics Service and Proxy

$saAppPool = Get-SPServiceApplicationPool -Identity "Service Application App Pool" -EA 0

$stagerSubscription = ""
$reportingSubscription = ""

New-SPWebAnalyticsServiceApplication -Name "Web Analytics Service Application" -ApplicationPool $saAppPool -ReportingDataRetention 20 -SamplingRate 100 -ListOfReportingDatabases $reportingSubscription -ListOfStagingDatabases $stagerSubscription > $null

New-SPWebAnalyticsServiceApplicationProxy -Name "Web Analytics Proxy" -ServiceApplication "Web Analytics Service Application" > $null
Get-SPServiceInstance | where-object {$_.TypeName -eq "Web Analytics Web Service"} | Start-SPServiceInstance > $null
Get-SPServiceInstance | where-object {$_.TypeName -eq "Web Analytics Data Processing Service"} | Start-SPServiceInstance > $null

Update: makes everything simpler! give it a try!!

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