SharePoint Datasheet view in Read-only mode? Try these Solutions

Issue: In Datasheet sheet view, users unable to edit anything. Its in always Read-Only mode.

sharepoint datasheet view read only


Check the following to fix SharePoint list in datasheet view is read only:

  1. Content Approval must be turned OFF (Microsoft KB:
  2. Some columns are dependent on Microsoft Access, check whether MS-Access is installed in the client machine.
  3. Check whether you have permission to edit
  4. The document in the current row may be checked out by a user.
  5. Attachments are read-only in a list that requires content approval. You cannot view or edit attachments in any of the views.
  6. Certain columns, such as Created By and Modified, are always read-only.
  7. There may be an unresolved conflict or error in the selected row or column. Resolve the conflict or error before attempting to edit the selected row or column.

Update: To use edit in Datasheet view, even with content approval turned ON, use my trick Edit in Datasheet View – Even When Content Approval is Turned ON

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2 thoughts on “SharePoint Datasheet view in Read-only mode? Try these Solutions

  • Sorry to say this did not help me, but I found an answer to MY Read Only problem. Hopefully it will help someone else:

    Go to Settings -> Document Library Settings
    Click Versioning Settings and choose NO for “Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited?”


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