Get Installed SharePoint Farm Version Build Number/Patch Level/Service Pack

Want to know the SharePoint version installed on your environment? There are several ways to get your MOSS 2007/SharePoint 2010 version build numbers. Here are some:

How to find installed SharePoint 2013 build version? Simple! Navigate to Central Administration >> System Settings >> Servers in this Farm

determine sharepoint patch version

1. You can find SharePoint 2007 version in Central Administration:

  •     Go to Central Administration
  •     Click the Operations tab.
  •     Click Servers in farm under the “Topology and Services” section.

This shows the version number for the farm and each individual server in the farm.

sharepoint version am running sharepoint version in central admin

Find what version of SharePoint is installed in SharePoint 2010:

Find out the SharePoint version you are running, Go to Central Admin >>Upgrade and Migration >> Select “Check product and patch installation status” to get the currently installed version.

2. Open any of your SharePoint site, click Site Action >> and then click Site Settings > On the Site Settings page, the version information is displayed next to the version.

get sharepoint version number

3. You can identify the SharePoint version from Installed Programs. Go to Control Panel > Add and Remove Programs. Select SharePoint server and then click: Click here for support. Now a window will pop up that displays your current SharePoint version.

4. Open your SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer (can be the main site or any sub-site), click Site Settings under the Site menu on the top toolbar. You’ll find the version of SharePoint running the site on the general tab under SharePoint version

find sharepoint version build

5. You can use the below code, If you want to get SharePoint version programmatically using object model:

using (SPSite startSite = new SPSite("<Central Admin url>"))
   SPFarm farm = startSite.WebApplication.Farm;

How to get the SharePoint version using PowerShell?

To get SharePoint version using PowerShell, use this script.

$farm = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPFarm]::Local
write-host $farm.BuildVersion
#We can use:(Get-SPFarm).BuildVersion.ToString() in SharePoint 2010 / 2013

6. Another shortcut to determine the SharePoint version: Get SharePoint version from registry key: go to the registry key: hklm\software\microsoft\shared tools\web server extensions\12.0 (or 14.0 for SharePoint 2010)

If you want to know What Edition of SharePoint is installed (Standard or Enterprise), you can look in Central Administration > Operations > Convert License Type

Here is the reference table:
SharePoint 2007 version numbers:

SharePoint 2007 ReleaseKB ReferenceVersion Number
August 2010 Cumulative updateKB2276474/KB227647212.0.0.6545
June 2010 Cumulative updateKB983311/KB98331012.0.0.6539
April 2010 Cumulative updateKB981043/KB98104212.0.0.6535
February 2010 Cumulative updateKB978396/KB97839512.0.0.6529
December 2009 Cumulative updateKB977027/KB97702612.0.0.6524
October 2009 Cumulative updateKB974989/KB97498812.0.0.6520
August 2009 Cumulative updateKB973410/KB97340912.0.0.6514
June 2009 Cumulative updateKB971538/KB97256912.0.0.6510
April 2009 Cumulative UpdateKB971537/KB97153812.0.6510.5000
April 2009 Cumulative Update KB968851/KB96885012.0.0.6504
Service Pack 2KB953334/KB95333812.0.0.6421
 Cumulative update KB956056/KB95605712.0.0.6327
Infrastructure Update KB951695/KB95129712.0.0.6318
post-SP1 hotfixKB94894512.0.0.6303
post-SP1 hotfixKB94127412.0.0.6301
post-SP1 hotfixKB94142212.0.0.6300
Security Bulletin MS07-059KB94201712.0.0.6039
August 24, 2007 hotfix packageKB941422
RTM [Released To Manufacturing]
Beta 2 TR12.0.0.4407

Get the latest patches from:

SharePoint 2010 version numbers:

​DescriptionSPF KB​SPS KB​Version​
SP 2010 (Tech Preview)14.0.4006.1030
Jun 2010 ​KB2028568​14.0.5114​
Aug 2010 CU​KB2352346​KB2352342​14.0.5123.5000​
Oct 2010 CU​KB2394323​KB2394320​14.0.5128.5003​
Dec 2010 CU​KB2459125​KB2459257​14.0.5130.5002​
​Feb 2011 CU​KB2475880​KB2475878​14.0.5136.5002
Apr 2011 CU​KB2512804​KB2512800​14.0.5138.5001​
Jun 2011 CU​KB2536601​KB2536599​14.0.6106.5000​

You can get the latest releases from:

Last but not least: To check version build number for SPS 2003:
Go to Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs >> Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Services or Windows SharePoint Services >> Click Here for Support Information.

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