MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 Migration Project Plan

Here are the Milestones for SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 migration plan from one of my Migration Project from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 using the Database attach method.

 MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 Migration – Milestones (Assuming planning stage is completed):

IPrepare Existing Environment for Migration
Run Pre-Upgrade check toolSharePoint Admin
Resolve and Clean the Pre-upgrade checker reported issuesSharePoint Admin
Analyze and remove any un-used feature/site in existing environmentSharePoint Admin
Create list of customizations, Settings which needs manual moveSharePoint Admin
IIPlanning Review
   Review Software AvailabilitySharePoint Admin
   Review Available HardwareSharePoint Admin
   Obtain and verify Service accounts, DNS Entries, URLsSharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
IIICreate and configure the new environment (DEV, STAGING, PROD)
Identify and Prepare Architectural, Topology DiagramsSharePoint Admin
Install necessary server roles, Pre-reqs on the machinesSharePoint Admin
Configure IIS, .NET Framework 3.5
Install and configure IIS compressionSharePoint Admin
Configure Log file location & Tweak the IIS Settings for SharePointSharePoint Admin
      Install Software 
 Assign roles to the MachinesSharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
Install SQL server and Establish Clustering & MirroringSharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
Install the SharePoint Binaries on the target machinesSharePoint Admin
Install Language packs if neededSharePoint Admin
Configure SharePoint
Run Configuration WizardSharePoint Admin
Create web application for Portal, Search, EtcSharePoint Admin
Setup SharePoint Configuration Settings (Farm, Web App Settings, Etc)SharePoint Admin
 Configure Recycle Bin retention and Site Delete Confirmation SharePoint Admin
Site templates, Quotas, General Settings, Incoming-Outgoing Mail setupsSharePoint Admin
 Configure usage analysis SharePoint Admin
 Configure antivirus protection SharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
Configure My Site
Create My Site web applicationSharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
 Configure user profiles SharePoint Admin
Configure the Import fields from AD & Profile Import schedulesSharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
 Configure audiences SharePoint Admin
Configure Kerberos AuthenticationSharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
Configure SSLSharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
      Install Infrastructure UpdatesSharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
     Configure Search 
Install the Ifiters for Search (PDF, Zip, Docx, PPTX, XLSx, Etc)SharePoint Admin
Configure content sources SharePoint Admin
Create the Crawl SchedulesSharePoint Admin
 Configure best bets and keywords for search SharePoint Admin
Configure search scopes SharePoint Admin
 Establish and implement search monitoring and tuning plan SharePoint Admin
 Monitor search performance SharePoint Admin
Configure service applications
 Access Services   SharePoint Admin
 Business Data Connectivity  Services SharePoint Admin
 Excel servicesSharePoint Admin
 Managed Metadata  ServicesSharePoint Admin
 PerformancePoint  Services SharePoint Admin
 Search ServicesSharePoint Admin
 Secure Store  Services SharePoint Admin
 Usage and Health Services  SharePoint Admin
 User Profile Services  SharePoint Admin
 Visio Graphics Services  SharePoint Admin
 Web Analytics Services  SharePoint Admin
 Word Automation ServicesSharePoint Admin
Install and configure Office Web AppsSharePoint Admin
      Install Third-Party applicationsSharePoint Admin
Load Balancing & Publishing (ISA/F5) the SharePoint sites Infrastructure Team & SharePoint Admin
IVRe-build Solutions from Existing Environment 
      Setup Branding
Create theme for corporate brandingSharePoint Admin & Development Team
Build the Master pageSharePoint Admin & Development Team
Create the solution package for branding & ApplySharePoint Admin & Development Team
Rebuild MOSS 2007 custom Features/Webparts/ Assemblies/Solutions and Re-apply in New environmentSharePoint Admin & Development Team
Modified Web.Config , File system ChangesSharePoint Admin & Development Team
      Prepare Documentation & Implementation GuidesSharePoint Admin & Development Team
VContent Migration (Backup, Restore & Attach the content Databases)
Take Existing SQL Server Content DB  Backup (Set the previous version databases to be read-only while taking Backup!)SharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
Restore to STAGGING, PROD Environments (Set the previous version databases, Restored DBs as read-write)SharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
Test the Content databases (Test-SPContentDatabase) and fix any issue if existsSharePoint Admin
     Attach the Databases to SharePoint STAGGING, PROD EnvironmentsSharePoint Admin
Migrate the invidual solutions (InfoPath Forms, etc)SharePoint Admin & Development Team
     Test and Evaluate EnvironmentsSharePoint Admin
      Prepare Documentation & Implementation GuidesSharePoint Admin
      Test Portal Web Site using a Domain AccountTesting Team
      Test based on usage patterns and business scenarios  Testing Team
Test My Sites, and user profile SyncTesting Team
Test search and indexing Testing Team
Test solutions Testing Team
     Test Service Application integrations Testing Team
Test 3rd part application functionalityTesting Team
      Test Incoming and Outgoing E-Mail SettingsTesting Team
      Test Content and People SearchTesting Team
Fix the issues reported during Testing PhaseSharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
Setup Self service Portal (User Request creation, FAQs,Lessons, KEDB, Best Practices, Policies, Etc)SharePoint Admin
      Developer Training SharePoint Admin
   Train Stakeholders SharePoint Admin
   Support Training SharePoint Admin
VIIIPost-Implementation Operations
Run SharePoint Health analyzer and fix the issuesSharePoint Admin
Review and Clear the Event Log, SharePoint LogsSharePoint Admin
Configure SCOM Monitoring for SharePoint serversSharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
Planning for Backup and Restore/Disaster Recovery /Business ContinuanceSharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
 Reporting and Monitor Growth, Usage and Performance SharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team
Plan for Scheduled Performance tuning, Clean-up in SQL & SharePoint SharePoint Admin & Infrastructure Team

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  • Does anyone have from 2007 to 2013 please?

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  • This is a great portal and articles are very useful. Thanks for that. If you give this plan in MS Project format that would have been wonderful.

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    Nice list. I am making an activity plan similar to this. Is there a plan reflecting the steps that would be required by using In-Place approach?


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