How to Restrict Users from Switching Views in SharePoint?

Yes, that was a common requirement from our SharePoint users! They wants to restrict other users from changing views from views drop-down in SharePoint. Here is how we can make it happen:
  • Browse to the target list or library
  • Click on Site Action > Edit Page
  • On the Web Part Click Edit > Modify Shared Web Part
  • Change Toolbar to either ‘Summary’ or ‘No toolbar’
  • Now users won't get the select ‘View’ drop-down menuRestrict Users from Changing Views in SharePoint
This will hide the "View" drop-down! The same thing can be done with SharePoint designer as well.

And for users who needs access, you can create a target audience navigation link that links them to the proper view of the list/library.

What if user types the View URL directly? we can't stop them, right? So the perfect solution is Set Permissions and Restrict Access to SharePoint Views

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