Configure Access Requests in SharePoint 2010/2007

Configure/Enable-Disable Access Requests in SharePoint

Access Request feature enables users to request access to a site directly through SharePoint when they get an access denied page.
request access on sharepoint
By default SharePoint configures the access requests for a particular site collection to go to the person who created it. This configuration is for the entire site collection.
configure access requests sharepoint

In other situations, End Users can request for higher access by following these steps:
  1.     Click on the “Welcome <<User Name>>” drop down on the top right of the page.
  2.     Select request access.
  3.     Fill out the details of your request and click Send Request.
Configuring access requests:
  • Go to Site actions >> Site Permissions
  • click on the "Manage access Requests" button in the ribbon
  • Here you can Enable/Disable, you can configure the E-mail id to which the access request should be Delivered

Note: If you are not getting the "Manage access Requests" the possible cause is:
There is no outgoing E-mail settings configured for the web application. In order to setup Manage Access Request, you must have inbound/outbound email setup in SharePoint 2010.
In MOSS 2007, You can achieve the same thing by getting into:
Site Actions > Site Settings > Advanced Permissions (under "Users and Permissions" group ) > Settings > Access Requests
access request sharepoint email

manage access requests sharepoint

Related to this, Refer my posts to get the Report on Access Request Email Configurations using PowerShell.

If you want to programmatically Get/Set the access request E-Mails you can use RequestAccessEnabled  & RequestAccessEmail properties or SPWeb object.
Change All Site's Access Request Emails with PowerShell
If a site(sub-site) is inheriting permissions, then the access request mail setting also will be inherited from the parent site.


  1. Thanks! Quick and nifty info.

  2. Thanks this worked perfectly for me today. Gets confusing jumping between 2007 and 2013 since these are set in different places.


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