IIS URL Rewrite Module with SharePoint

Want to get rid of “/Pages/” from SharePoint URL? Want to redirect from “HTTP” to “HTTPS”? Want to redirect from one SharePoint site to another? Then your search ends here. Use IIS URL Rewrite Module, Just a free add-on to IIS.

IIS URL Rewrite Module with SharePoint

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One thought on “IIS URL Rewrite Module with SharePoint

  • In SP2013 We have a host named site collection called https://abc.com under a webapp named https://xyz.com. Now my question is, can I create a new webapp with same url as my host named site collection i.e. https://abc.com. Please note that the host site is in https and the webapp that I want to create will be with http. URL should remain same. Is it possible?

    Business Requirement for above question: Actually we have a HNSC which is in https but it’s webapp is http. But users type http itself for browsing that HNSC which throws error. Basically what we want is that even if users try browsing hnsc with http, they should be redirected to https. I don’t think url redirect will help just for one https hnsc when the webapp belongs to http. So I am thinking to create a new webapp with same url but with http. And then I will put a redirection code on its homepage to go to that https HNSC. That is why I have asked if we can have 2 similar urls


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