Restore Deleted Site Collection or Subsite from SharePoint 2010 - SP1 or Later

In SharePoint 2007, There was a wonderful tool from Codeplex: Site Delete Capture to back up sites automatically when they gets deleted, So that we can restore a deleted site collection in SharePoint 2007.

In SharePoint 2010 SP1, Microsoft added native support to capture/restore Site collections or Sub-sites on the event of deletion.

So, when your sub-sites gets deleted, navigate to Site collection recycle bin and you can find the deleted sites, you will be able to restore from there.
sharepoint 2010 recover deleted site
SharePoint 2010 recover deleted site

What do to when the Site collection itself deleted?
How to restore deleted site in SharePoint 2010? To recover deleted site collection in SharePoint 2010, You can use these three cmdlets:

  1. Get-SPDeletedSite - Displays list of sites deleted.
  2. Restore-SPDeletedSite - Restore a deleted site
  3. Remove-SPDeletedSite - To permanently remove the deleted site collection.
sharepoint 2010 recover deleted site collection
SharePoint 2010 sp1 restore deleted site collection

Permanently Remove the Deleted sites to Recover Disk Space: 
After a while, many sites collections were deleted in a clean-up activity. So decided to permanently delete all deleted site collections from recycle bin. Here is the PowerShell script:

Get-SPDeletedSite -webapplication | Remove-SPDeletedSite


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    Is there any way to restore deleted site collection through PowerShell in MOSS 2007?

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  5. Nice article, Salaudeen! I was able to restore an accidentally deleted site successfully.


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