Configuring AD LDS-Claims Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010 - Step by Step

December 18, 2011    , , , , , ,
Introduction: SharePoint 2010 provides you with the ability to setup multiple authentication providers, to provide clients or other external parties such as vendors, affiliates etc access to your SharePoint Sites without having to provide them with a Windows Active Directory Account.   Thi…

Update all items in a list using Nintex Workflow

December 14, 2011    ,
Recently, I had a requirement to update all items in a List based on other list item's change event. So decided to implement using Nintex workflow. Designed the Nintex workflow as this to update all items in list. Here are the details actions in workflow designer: Query the List to ge…

PowerShell Script to List All the Users from LDAP

December 06, 2011    ,
Wanted to retrieve all the users from a AD LDS based LDAP instance. Code $Dom = "LDAP://<Server-Name>/CN=Users,CN=LDAP,DC=SharePoint,DC=COM" $Root = New-Object DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry $Dom # Create a selector and start searching from the Root of AD $selector = New-Objec…

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