404 Page Not found on Checked Out Files

An end-user sent a mail along with SharePoint Document's URL to another user. When receiver tried accessing the document, it resulted "404 Page not found" to him. However the sender is able to access the document successfully!

When I tried with Farm Admin access, even I got "404 Page not found", after an hour of going crazy, found the document was checked out by the sender!
404 Page Not found Error on Checked Out Files

Get into the Document Library settings, Manage Checked out files, and then took the ownership of the file, checked it in. Solved the issue.

In another case, this issue came up again. End-user received "The Specified name is already in use" since another file checked out has had the same name!


  1. Hello
    I have one issue.if the user had left the organization who has checked out the file then how to checkin that file

    1. PowerShell can help to Check-in all checked out files. Refer this post : http://www.sharepointdiary.com/2013/02/find-all-checked-out-files-and-check-in.html

  2. Thanks! I'd moved an LMS demo to SPT using Explorer and couldn't figure out what it would only display for me. D'oh!


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