How to Retrieve IIS Application Pool Password in SharePoint?

I had to get the password for IIS application pool account in SharePoint to take the control over on an existing SharePoint 2013 environment. Here are the list of tools helped me to get app pool password:

1. IIS Metabase Explorer (for IIS 6) - Part of IIS Resource kit - Make sure "Secure Data" is checked
get app pool password

Get it from here.

2. SharePoint Manager - Excellent tool for exploring the server objects. Just navigate to the target application pool, get the password from properties pane.
Retrieve IIS App Pool Password

Get the SPM from codeplex:

3. Using APPCMD command line tool to get App Pool Password:
Appcmd is a command line tool for managing IIS 7 and above. You can find it under: C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv ,To retrieve the IIS Application Pool's password enter this command:
appcmd list apppool "<Your Application Pool Name>" /text:ProcessModel.Password

4. PowerShell to retrieve App Pool Passwords:
Get-WmiObject -Namespace "root\MicrosoftIISV2" -Class "IIsApplicationPoolSetting" | Select WAMUserName, WAMUserPass


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