SharePoint Configuration wizard stuck and never ending when applying service pack. “SyncUpgradeTimerJob: sleeping for 10 seconds” in Upgrade.log

I was doing a SharePoint 2007 SP3 upgrade, After installing the binaries, I ran SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard.

The wizard runs through and then gets stuck on “Performing configuration task 8 of 9”. It hung for 8 hours! I looked in the upgrade.log, The log was full of thousands of “SyncUpgradeTimerJob: sleeping for 10 seconds” messages.

SharePoint Configuration wizard stuck "SyncUpgradeTimerJob: sleeping for 10 seconds" in Upgrade.log

Here is what I did to fix:

  • Killed the wizard first!
  • Stopped and set the start up type as manual for these services in services.msc console.
    • World wide web service
    • Microsoft Single Sign-on Service
    • Windows SharePoint Services Search
  • Restarted “SharePoint SharePoint Services Timer” and “Windows SharePoint services Administration” Services
  • Then tried upgrading from the command line

          psconfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force

command executed in 30 min and upgraded successfully! Refer this link to Troubleshoot common Errors during patching:

Salaudeen Rajack

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4 thoughts on “SharePoint Configuration wizard stuck and never ending when applying service pack. “SyncUpgradeTimerJob: sleeping for 10 seconds” in Upgrade.log

  • what do you mean with “Killed the wizard first!”? I followed the step many times (except the kill step), but end up with error at task 3 of 4… 🙁

    • Close the SharePoint products and Technologies (psconfig) wizard, which is in stuck state!

    • When I ran the psconfig command, I also got an error at step 3, but it also instructed met to look in the application log. In there were some errors, one with Source “Windows SharePoint Services 3” and Category “Timer”. This in turn pointed me to “C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions12LOGSUpgrade.log”, In which some lines [ERROR] were listed that reported “Some or all identity references could not be translated”. Some events earlier, there was an entry with Source “VSS” that reported “The user name sa-sharepoint specified in registry (SYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesVSSVssAccessControl) does not map to a real user name. The entry is ignored.”. Fixing the to didn’t solve the problem, not did renaming all database user using
      ALTER USER [sa-sharepoint] WITH NAME = [sa-sharepoint].
      By the way, this is a virtual development environment and copies had to be renamed in order to connect the VM guests to our domain. Probably, we did not do this correctly, or not in the correct order. I am now trying to follow the steps in


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