Copy Webpart Pages between SharePoint Site Collections

Had a requirement to copy web part pages from one site collection to other. These options failed, I got the page with out any web parts placed:
  • Explorer view copy paste
  • Download a copy and upload
  • SharePoint Designer copy-paste
The worked trick is: Using SharePoint Designer - "New from Existing Page". Steps in Detail:

  1. Open Both the Source and Target sites in SharePoint Designer

 2. Right click the source web part page and then choose "New From Existing Page"
 copy web part pages sharepoint 
 3. This will create a new page with existing page's content. Click on Save button

4. Now, Enter the target site's location in Save dialog box, and then Save the file!
copy a web part page in sharepoint
So Simple trick isn't it?

Another approach if you have server access: You can use SharePoint Deployment Wizard utility to achieve the same. You can use SharePoint Designer workflow's Copy Item action also!

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  1. Hi,

    thanks for your post. It helped me :-). However, I found an even simpler solution than yours. Open the source web part page in Sharepoint Designer and use Save As. In this way you can create multiple files with the same contents


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