How to Deploy and Activate Sandboxed Solutions in SharePoint?

Sandboxed solutions bring the benefit of deploying solutions to the SharePoint Server without affecting any other process outside the sandbox. SharePoint 2010 Sandboxed solution can be deployed by Site collection administrators. Here is the guide on How to Deploy and activate sandboxed solution in SharePoint 2010.

Go to Site Actions >> Site Settings >> Solutions under the Galleries
deploy sandboxed solution sharepoint 2010
In Solutions tab, click Upload Solution button
how to deploy sandboxed solution sharepoint 2010
 Browse and select the WSP File from your sandboxed solution, click on “OK” to complete.
how to activate sandbox solution in sharepoint 2010The solution package is now in the site collection’s solution gallery, but it is not yet deployed. In the Activate Solution dialog box, click Activate to activate the solution

activate sandboxed solution sharepoint 2010

You will see the solution’s activation status in the solution Gallery page.

sandbox solution in sharepoint 2010

Depending on the solution, will see the sandboxed solution in action.

From the solution gallery page, we can deactivate, delete the solution further.

dectivate sandbox solution in sharepoint 2010

Using PowerShell to Deploy and Activate Sandboxed Solutions:

To upload a sandboxed solution to a site collection’s Solution Gallery with PowerShell,

Add-SPUserSolution -LiteralPath d:\PrintListPackage.wsp -Site

To activate the Sandboxed solution use: Install-SPUserSolution cmdlet

Install-SPUserSolution -Identity PrintListPackage.wsp -Site

To Uninstall the Sandboxed solution:

Uninstall-SPUserSolution -Identity PrintListPackage.wsp -Site

To Remove the Sandboxed solution:

Remove-SPUserSolution -Identity PrintListPackage.wsp -Site

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