SharePoint Search Scope Force Update

After updating SharePoint Search Scope, it said: wait 14 Minutes to update. How to instantly update the scopes? Do we have to wait for 14 Minutes? Is there a  way to force SharePoint search scope update on-demand?
sharepoint search scope update

Definitely, Yes! We can force update SharePoint 2010 search scope. Just go back to “Search Administration”

sharepoint 2010 search scope update

There you will find a link “Start Update Now” Click on the link to update Search Scopes on demand!

sharepoint force search scope update

Want to update the search scope in SharePoint using PowerShell?

Sure, Why not! Here you go: SharePoint PowerShell update search scope

$SearchServiceApp = Get-SPenterpriseSearchServiceApplication  

This will do SharePoint 2010 force search scope update!

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