"Alert me" Missing in SharePoint 2010?

In an odd case, received complaints from users "SharePoint alert me missing!". Usually "Alert me" link will be there under documents tab of the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon. End-Users were unable to get "Alert me" link. When I checked, Yes, alert me button missing in SharePoint 2010 site!!alert me missing sharepoint 2010
and some more complaints for getting error messages when trying to setup alerts.
"Alerts have been turned off for this virtual server. For assistance, contact your server administrator."
sharepoint 2010 alert me missing from ribbon

Check whether the Outgoing E-Mail settings are configured in Central Admin.  Go to:Central Administration >> System Settings >>  Outgoing E-Mail Settings >> specify the outbound SMTP server & E-Mail settings.

If already enabled, Then alerts might be disabled. Enable Alert by: 
stsadm -o setproperty -pn alerts-enabled -pv true -url "http://your-web-app-url.com" 

That would fix the issue: alert me is missing in SharePoint 2010! Got the alert me link and we are back to the business!
alert me is missing in sharepoint 2010


  1. Perfect - fixed my problem straight away!

  2. Nice one, it worked for me.

  3. It did indeed make the button reappear, but sadly my alerts still don't work. Well, at least I have one less problem. Thanks!


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