Report for Customized Pages, Files, Views in SharePoint

During Migration, had to audit all customized (Un-ghosted) pages , Files, Views,etc. in SharePoint. Here are some useful resources on this regard.

1. To get list of customized List forms: Use STSADM -o EnumAllwebs -includecustomlistviews

2. Use Stsadm extention: Get-SPCustomizedPages from

3. Use RL Soft’s Custom Page auditor

4. Use SharePoint Designer Reports to get list of customized pages with in the site.

5. Check SPFile’s Property vti_hasdefaultcontent

6. We can query from SQL as well, Run this query on each content database:

SELECT DirName, LeafName, c.tp_email, c.tp_login, d.tp_email, 
   d.tp_login, CONVERT(CHAR(10), a.TimeCreated, 101)  AS [Created], CONVERT(CHAR(10),
         a.TimeLastModified, 101) AS [Modified] from alldocs a with (nolock) inner join sites b 
             on a.siteid = inner join userinfo c on a.siteid = c.tp_siteid and b.ownerid = c.tp_id 
                 left join userinfo d on a.siteid = d.tp_siteid and b.SecondaryContactID = d.tp_id 
                      where (extension = 'aspx' and hasstream = 1 and doclibrowid is null) or 
                         (extension = 'swf' and hasstream = 1 and doclibrowid is not null) or 
                                (extension = 'master' and hasstream = 1) 

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