Edit in Datasheet View – Even When Content Approval is Turned ON

Problem: When content approval turned on, SharePoint doesn’t allow us to edit items in “Edit in Datasheet View”. This is listed in Microsoft KB and in my old post Datasheet view is in Read-Only Mode

Trick: Navigate to “Approve/Reject Items” view (mod-view.aspx), From there click on Datasheet view, Now you will be able to use Datasheet view to Edit items even though content approval is enabled.

In case, You want to make it available to everyone, you can copy the existing mod-view.aspx from SPD and create a new one.

Here is how: Open the Site in SharePoint Designer, navigate to the target List/Library, Copy and Paste the “mod-view.aspx” file, give a relevant name to the copied file, say “Datasheet.aspx”. From that page, you can use Datasheet View, which allows editing!

Copy the mod-view.aspx file, Paste it, Name it as “Datasheet.aspx” (You can change the view name as well)

Now, Open the Datasheet.aspx page in browser, and Click “Datasheet View” from the ribbon. Now see that the rows are editable!

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