How to Hide User Names in SharePoint Survey?

Ever wanted to hide the user identity in SharePoint Survey? Recently, to provide complete anonymity, we had to hide the user names in Created by and Last Modified By fields in a SharePoint Survey.

Follow these steps to hide user names in SharePoint survey:

  1. Go to your SharePoint Survey page
  2. Click on Settings >> Survey Settings
  3. Click on the Title, description and navigation link Under General Settings
    sharepoint survey hide created by
  4. Under Survey Options, select No for Show user names in survey results?
    sharepoint survey hide user name
  5. Click on Save button to apply the changes.

Now, you will see fields like Created By and Last Modified By appear as *** instead of the actual user name.
sharepoint 2010 survey remove created by
If you want to know who answered the survey, enable “Show user names in survey results” and this will reveal user names again!

Although other lists doesn’t provide a way to hide user names, we can achieve it programmatically. refer: How to Hide User Names in Created by, Modified by Fields in SharePoint

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