SharePoint Web Part Mock-up with Balsamiq

End-users were asking for an enhancement in out-of-the-box alert-subscription for a long while. All they wanted to have is: There is a site template for Managing Projects, with 50+ lists and libraries. Every time when they create a new site for a new project, they had to go to each and every list/library >> Alert Me >> and then adding project members to keep them informed. Yes, Its a pain for them to add project members one by one in all of the lists and libraries, that’s why they are crying!

Yes, There are some Third-party products available in market, such as Bamboo solutions Alert Manager, Alert + , SharePoint solution Alert Manager, etc. But If it can be developed In-House with some effort, why to spend Money and relay on Third-Party products?

OK, Decided to develop our own web part. but where to start? Well, Creating Mock-up is the first step in making any such interface. Mockups are good because they help the users/customers to visualize the functionality of the proposed system. Remember the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

There are numerous advantages in having Mock-ups as the starters. First of all it helps the End-User and developer to have a better picture. It helps to effectively present the idea to the business during the beginning concept stages. Mockup allows us to work quickly and its seamless.

Enough talking. For my requirement I used Balsamiq Mockups and my Mockups are as below:

balsamiq sharepoint 2010 mockup
sharepoint balsamiq 2010

3 Minute Tutor on YouTube:

There are lots of decent Mockup Products out there, check my another post: Looking for Creating Mockups for your SharePoint Site?

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  • Great job, would be awesome if you could upload this project and allow download 🙂


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