Nintex Scheduled workflows Runs Twice – Fix

Found a Nintex scheduled workflow runs twice in an Environment where it was running MOSS 2007 SP3 with Nintex Enterprise version.

Verified only one instance of Nintex Workflow Scheduler job is listed.

nintex workflow starts twice


To resolve this you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the timer job via nwadmin command-line utility and associate it with the correct web app.  Follow the below steps:

  1. Open the command prompt, and navigate to the Nintex folder C:\Program Files\Nintex\Nintex Workflow 2010
  2. Run the following commands separately in the following order
  • NWAdmin.exe -o UninstallTimerJob -job ScheduledWorkflows
  • NWAdmin.exe -o InstallTimerJob -job ScheduledWorkflows -url webApplicationUrl
Nintex Scheduled workflows Runs Twice

3.  Restart the Timer service on all servers.

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