SharePoint Content Type IDs – How to Find / Create?

SharePoint Content Type IDs – Reference:
Here is the reference for SharePoint 2010 Parent content type id format:

Content TypeID
 Workflow History0×0109
 East Asia Contact0×0116

How to find content type ID in SharePoint?

Go to: Site Settings >> Site Content Type Gallery and pick your content type. The URL will be something like this:

Get the Content Type ID from URL Parameter Ctype.

Using PowerShell in SharePoint to Get Content type ID

We can retrieve all the available content type IDs using Object Model. Here is the PowerShell snippet

$SPsite = Get-SPSite ""
write-host "Content Type Name ,  ID "
Write-host "------------------------ "

#Get All available Content Types
$SPContentTypeCollection = $SPweb.AvailableContentTypes;

#Iterate through each content type and get name and ID
Foreach ($SPContentType in $SPContentTypeCollection)
     write-host $SPContentType.Name "," $  
sharepoint 2010 content type id format

How to create a content type id in SharePoint?

Just append a new GUID with Parent Content Type IDs (As provided in above table).

MSDN Reference:

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