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Some time back, I ran into an issue where a particular site collection was in read-only mode to everyone including site collection admin, certain options such as the site action menu was in the disabled state!. Then I realized the site collection backup process was interrupted due to the disk-space issue, and it left the site collection in the “Read-only” mode! Which was documented in my post: SharePoint site is read-only to everyone

Screenshot from Read-only locked Site collection: Note that ribbon items are disabled!

SharePoint Ribbon controls are disabled in a Read-only locked Site collection

Screenshot from Unlocked site:

SharePoint Ribbon controls Enabled in a Normal SharePoint Site collection

SharePoint Site Locks can be Set/Reset in 4 ways:

  1. Using Web User Interface – Through Central Administration
  2. Using STSADM 
  3. Using PowerShell
  4. Using Object Model
    1. By .Net code
    2. By PowerShell

Let’s look at the examples:

Using Web User Interface:
Where to Look? Go to Central Administration > Application Management > Configure Quotas and Locks

SharePoint 2010 Site Collection Quotas and locks

Under Site Collection Quotas and locks, set the site collection to “Not locked” will release the site.

Setting SharePoint 2010 Site Collection Quotas and locks

STSADM to lock a SharePoint Site Collection:

To lock site collection:
stsadm -o setsitelock -url <Site-collection-url> -lock <Lock-Type>

To get site lock status information of SharePoint site collection:
stsadm -o getsitelock -url <Site-collection-url>

Where <Lock-Type> can take one of the following value:

  • none  – Removes all the locks
  • noadditions  – Prevents from Addition
  • readonly – Can’t add/Update/Delete content
  • noaccess – You can’t view the site at all

More info:

PowerShell to Set Site collection Lock:

To lock a site collection in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell, use:

Set-SPSite -Identity <Site-collection-url> -LockState <Lock-State>

Where: <Lock-State> can be:

  •     ReadOnly
  •     Unlock
  •     NoAdditions
  •     NoAccess 

PowerShell to Manage SharePoint Site Collection Locks:

$SPSite = Get-SPSite -Identity https://SharePoint
#Check whether the site collection is read-only
#Remove the site collection's read-only lock
$SPSite.readonly = $false

SharePoint 2010 Site Collection Quotas and locks using PowerShell, Stsadm, Object Model
BTW, SharePoint Site collections may be locked automatically, when they exceed the Site collection Quota! More Info:

SharePoint Site Collection Locks Programmatically with Object Model:
You can Programmatically set the Lock status using SPSite object’s Properties:

  •     SPSite.ReadLocked
  •     SPSite.WriteLocked
  •     SPSite.ReadOnly


using (SPSite site = new SPSite(""))
	site.ReadOnly = true;
	//Set lock comments
	site.LockIssue = "Maintenance";

Tail: Backup LIVE Site collection without Locks:

STSADM:   stsadm -o backup -url <Site-collection-url> -filename <Backup-File> -nositelock
PowerShell: Backup-SPSite -Identity <Site-collection-url> -Path <Backup-File> -NoSiteLock

PowerShell Script to check lock Status of All site collections: Check Lock Status for All Site Collections in SharePoint

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