Unable to find OOTB Default Workflows - Approval, Collect Signatures/Feedback in SharePoint 2010?

After migrating to SharePoint 2010, Received first complaint from an End-User:
"Sal, I'm unable to find Out-of-the-box workflows such as Approval, Collect Signatures, collect Feedback. Where are they? can you bring them back as in MOSS 2007"?

Yes! SharePoint 2010 approval workflow missing!!
sharepoint 2010 workflow missing
SharePoint 2010 default workflows missing
Huh, unlike MOSS 2007, we must manually activate the "Workflows" feature to get OOTB default workflows in SharePoint 2010.

Get into Site actions >> Site settings >> Site collection Features and activate "Workflows" Feature. That simple is the solution!
sharepoint 2010 approval workflow missing
Got the OOTB workflows  once "Workflows" feature activated! Now, we are able to see approval workflow in SharePoint 2010 and we are back to the business!
sharepoint 2010 ootb workflows missing

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  1. Hello.. I have activated the above ,but still getting same error, Can you please help on this......The issue is After migration to 2010 user is unable to approve the workflow(OOTB) and she has full controll on this .......thanks..


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